the short film visuals.

Here you can find Laila P.'s short film visuals, exclusively directed AND produced by Laila P. (FKATHECREATOR). Please Enjoy and Subscribe to my channel!

Click Image To Watch "The Sun in My Dreams"

Thumbnail for art short, titled, "The Sun in My Dreams" by Laila FKATHECREATOR. Image is of someone painting. Pink overlay with the words," The Sun in My Dreams" by Laila Phillips Directed By FKATHECREATOR, ART (SERIES) SHORT

"I seen it... in my dreams..."

Click Image To Watch "The Sun in My Dreams"

"... there's so many more lives and much more realities...all around us.."

Click Image To Watch "Situations 2"

Click Image To Watch "The Vessel"
Click Here To Watch "Your Listening Ear"