About Me

Laila Phillips (FKATHECREATOR) is a young and emerging, self-taught painter currently residing in GA. Laila's art is heavily inspired by the many internal, indescribable, emotions that she feels. She mainly practices her art using the mediums acrylic and ink. Laila's painting styles typically align with abstract portrait, figurative, and cartoon "street" art. She feels staying in one art style "boxes her creativity" and limits her ideas. Laila's main goal for her art is to always be a vibrant reminder to be genuine within yourself, and always be bold about being who you are.




"I've become okay with having my art be a symbol of how I feel. Sometimes for me, trying to find a word, or words to accurately describe how I feel, isn't always as easy as simply painting what I feel. Then, once I've painted a piece, I can later on, look back at my artwork and I can better interpret how I felt in that moment and explain my reasoning behind said piece."

 My original works are a reflection of me... of my mind. I found that trying to cram my art into one art style not only limited my creativity, but also deprived me of myself."